OLD Versions

Hi, it’s been awhile. Used to post a number of years back.
Used cis 3.14 exclusively at that time. I think v 5 was in beta.
Anyway I would like to download Comodo Firewall 5.12 64Bit. Seems it’s bit of a task. :-
What are the chances?

Why not use version 6? It works pretty well.

Try Filehippo

Thanks guys, I have tried a multitude of links from various sites including FileHippo but I not been successful. It’s a task and was hoping for a direction from some good folk/
Yes, about version 6, not applicable as I am interested in version 5.12 64Bit.
Still hoping someone has a viable link that doesn’t come up latest version. :slight_smile:

Hi Wilpower2k2,

Kind regards.

Here is the official download link of latest CİS 5.12 online installer

Great job guys, mission accomplished.
Much appreciated. :wink: 8)