Old Installer

I just tried to install the latest Comodo Firewall Pro Beta. Right at the beginning I received the messege: You seem to be having Comodo Firewall Pro-Beta installed using older version of installer. Please go to ‘Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs’ section and un-install COMODO Firewall Pro-BETA

There is nothing to uninstall since it hasn’t installed yet, it will not let me install it.
I have:
Windows Vista Home Premium with the latest Windows installer 4.0

I had the same problem when I tried installing the V3 Beta…You have to use a Comodo uninstaller/cleaner that are here on the forums to completely get rid of a previous version of Comodo…I think the one for a previous install of V3 Alpha is here. https://forums.comodo.com/32_bit_alphabeta_helpsupport/comodo_uninstallation_cleaner-t9668.0.html

If you previously had V2.4 installed , you can look on the forum for an uninstaller for that version.

I went through the registry deleting references to Comodo 2.4 and V3 Alpha. NOT RECOMMEDED unless you know what you’re doing and create a backup or restore point first.

Anyway it worked for me. just find an uninstaller for your previous version of Comodo…Hope that helps.


When the clean up doesn’t work just set the system time back to before June 27. That worked for the latest Alpha build. May be it works for the Beta as well.

After installing you can put back the clock.