Old DOS thread :)

Is that the best you can do? :wink:

Smallest DOS setup I"ve ever done was on a 128K system with slightly over 31K free.

Smallest DOS setup I"ve ever done was on a 128K system with slightly over 31K free.

Showing your age again ;p

Those were the days, 640lk RAM, supercalc, wordstar and a bunch of other stuff, all with room to spare…

LOL. That was 31K free AFTER while running control software for 12 air conditioning sensors, pumps and regulators.

Second best bit? The system is still running today. We just have to keep resetting the BIOS date back to a year that has the same day/date relationship. This explains, partially, why our storeoom still has two still-in-the-wrapper original IBM XTs. ;D

Best bit? The organisation still pays us A$1K per annum to maintain the system.

Does this make me evil? >:-D

Ewen :slight_smile:

Does this make me evil? Evil

One day I’ll tell you a story about a company I recommissioned 10 XT boxes for… >:-D

I dunno guys… I think I can do better. :slight_smile:


Well I’ve seen an early pc with CGA without hd likely featuring 128kB, but the first one I owned had 1MB and DOS 3.3,VGA and no more than 10 MB HD.
I also used a NEC V20 powered subnotebook but I never used a system with less than 1MB (including 95LX). :cry:

I typed my thesis on a TRS-80. Had something like 4k of RAM, Single 128k 5.25 floppy…

That would be still lucky compared to VIC-20 and a tape storage especially if the only purpose was gaming ;D

10 PRINT "I Pwn n00bz!"
20 GOTO 10



My first programming job was to create software for the TRS-80 portable model. The software was a monitoring program for the spinning department for Dominion Textiles. The computer required a memory expansion card to handle a complete working shift, DL’s were done at the end of the shift onto a 80286 computer. TRS-80 basic and dBase III were both used to analyse the data and create reports.
(I always did like programing in X-Base) .
I remember the Vic-20, and the Comodore-64.

My first PC = CGA, 8MB (or so… I think), 5 1/4" FDD, HDD 250MB, EPSON LX-800

My first hack: My father’s office PC.
His WordStar failed to load after I failed playing around with subt.
He’s a bank manager…
I stayed at my friend’s house for two days.

Something I proud of back then:

PROMPT $E[0;32;40m$P$G$E[0;32;40m


edit config.sys

■■■■… hardcore…


I still use copy con: and ^Z particularly with >lpt1:, but mode is a beeyatch to get a USB working right. :wink:

Is that sad? :smiley:

Back in those days I was able to hack an old laptop. I was never able to reassemble it again, though. :-[

you still use Lpt1?

you can’t pipe output from the cmd line to a USB device (AFAIK) so you have to use mode con to redirect ported output.

I still have my VIC-20 and my Commodore 64 both with tape drives and both in perfect working condition. Anyone for a game of VIC-Avengers.



Then perhaps you can do some of this ‘pattern’ printed on that tape of yours?

I created a VIC-20 ‘Horse Racing’ game with graphics similar to those (you could place bet’s and have Multiple Players). Only mine were in C O L O U R! 8)

I remember playing to Rat Race on Vic-20 O0

Yeh’, those Cartridges were huge! ;D

I also had ‘Chess’ and ‘Space Invaders’ on Cartridge. I could beat it at Chess if it was on the Easy setting, and the Hardest setting, but not on most of the settings in between.

I think it was called ‘Alien Raiders’, not ‘Space Invaders’.