OK - I admit it, this was a little sneaky, ESM 3.1 is out


Yes, we did release the latest and greatest ESM last week Thursday without fanfare or announcements.

Yes, it is even cooler than its predecessors

Yes, there has been a lot of bug-fixing

Yes, the User Assistance manager is awesome (get your users to right-click on the ESM icon in the system trays to ‘Request Assistance’ and watch what happens in the ESM server’s management console)

Yes, searching for endpoints in the list, tile or 3D display is even better than it used to be (try an IP address search)

Yes, we have improved the Mac system management support (AV management to be released as a Package just as soon as we can perfect the unified policy management)

Yes, the MS Excel hardware and software inventory reports are fantastic to have for keeping an eye on your hardware and installed applications

Yes, adding in the pre-defined policies means you don’t necessarily need to import the CES settings from an endpoint anymore

Yes, there is more but I am beginning to sound like Daniel Bryan… :slight_smile:

Release notes attached.
Download link here http://download.comodo.com/cesm/download/setups/CESM_Setup_3.1.714.59_Full.exe.
You know where to find me.

Don’t let the users get you down…

Later guys and gals,


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Yes, I already found the notification in the manager :slight_smile:

Yes, I am that guy who by the simple act of walking into a server room causes machines to become unstable and crash. Therefore I was not surprised when I observed a couple of issues doing upgrades:

  1. The database step takes a ridiculous amount of time with no indication of progress. It’s not stuck, I found that out by leaving it overnight and finding it finished next morning.
  2. In one instance the upgrade failed because it could not start the proxy service. After rollback, it still couldn’t be started. I modified the existing install to remove the proxy, upgraded, then added proxy back and configured it again. Everything working normally after that.

Yes, it was indeed a pleasant surprise to notice that the clients all automagically got the new agent without me having to do anything.

Yes, that release notes text file is not plain text. What tool should I use to make it more legible?

Yes, that release notes text file is not plain text. What tool should I use to make it more legible

Whaaat - lemme look

WT? Didn’t look like that when I uploaded it.

Legible one attached…

Sorry guys n gals…


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Need to add to release notes:

Clients using a policy in which Firewall is disabled, are now listed in the console as “not compliant” even though that’s exactly what the policy specified.

Yes, I’m still running without Comodo firewall, the learning curve is pretty steep. I’ve already got all my Windows Firewalls configured thru group policy. Would love to changeover at some point for warranty validity and other advantages.


Are you using a custom-built policy or one of the provided ‘defaults’?


Possibly this is bug (well wish I think) 860?

You get a network detection message and when the user responds the policy gets marked non-compliant. Probably arises because you cannot yet set a trusted network in a policy.

Umm, why are you allowing popups?

Earlier (6.x) versions of CES showed this message in default config. Please see issue 860 for details

It’s less frequent in the most recent Beta builds indeed I have not seen it yet in the latest. So I guess the devs found it. What is now happening is more complex - I’ll try to document it.