Ok - Cancel - Apply

A lesson in usability…

Ok: Closes your window and saves your changes.
Cancel: Closes your window without saving your changes.
Apply: Saves your changes without closing your window.

Now let’s look at Comodo…

Close: My Own Safe Files and My Own Pending Files use solely a “Close” button, which is actually a mislabeled “Ok” button. Where’s Cancel and Apply?

Ok & Cancel: Most of the settings windows have “Ok” and “Cancel” buttons. Both are used correctly! But where’s Apply?

Apply & Cancel: Looking at most of the rest of the windows we find “Apply”! Finally! Wait no… that’s just an “Ok” button in disguise.

What I’m advocating…

I would like to see the ability to apply changes to settings without closing the window. I would like to see proper and consistent use of “Apply” “Ok” and “Cancel.”

I realize this is more an issue of polish, but on the other hand this is really basic stuff.