Oh geez....I need to know what I may have done....

(:SAD) Ok, this all started when my modem began to give me problems. I originally had a Siemens Speedstream 4100 but it caught a short and stopped working. So, being the cheap person I am, I asked my father for his unused Siemens Speedstream 4200 modem. I got the modem and although it took me a while, I got it to work with my AT&T Yahoo DSL. Unfortunately, I think I may have opened up a security hole in my firewall! What leads me to think this is that the CPIL test provided on the site made it through without any warning notification. Am I being paranoid or is tis really a big problem???

I must also add that I attempted Comodo’s free port scan test as well and that took longer than usual. It usually only takes it seconds to give me results on it but now I don’t get anything it seems…Or should a port scan in fact take a long time if ports are stealthed properly?

Did you pass the CPIL with the old modem?

Nope, with the other modem it caught it. Also, my login information would be saved inside the old modem so I wouldn’t need to reeneter it anywhere when I tried to get on the web; it was just plug n’ go. On the other hand, with this modem, it DOESN’T store my login info so, I must set it to bridge mode and then login through a WAN miniport connection that I setup manually through windows. Could that be where the problem stemming from?