Offline Virus Signature Database Update

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About this link :

And this download link :

The file “bases.cav” not updated since “2016/04/20”
Size : 280 MB (293,800,298 bytes)
MD5 : 2D33E1C6439ED63C1068E8F57375E6D3

Am i wrong ? What is the problem ?

Thanks for help

What makes you think that the database hasn’t been updated since April 20th? The webpage indicates the release date of 23-May-2016 02:58:07 also if you import the database which version do you get? It should be at least 25087.

Because of exactly same file size and hash

I download it every days and the downloaded file had same size and same md5 hash. thus no change …

Please download from link that is gove in first post and post size and md5 of that here . Thanks mate

Your link:

The link available as of today

MD5 of today’s bases:



293,800,298 bytes (280 MB)


You see

Exactly equal with file that i downloaded 04/20 ( and 04/21 and 04/22 and 04/23 and 04/24… and 05/21 )

File not updated from 2016-04-20

Why are you downloading the latest full database every day? What’s keeping you from letting the AV update its self?

No . Misunderstanding

I dont download every day

I start downloading it every day after i found no change in database

I dont have installed Comodo now but i archive some antivirus + their database for necessary times …

Not bad to ask you why we read on comodo site ( link in my first post ) :

Latest Database Version: 25088 Release Date (all times GMT): 23-May-2016 04:56:20 Number of Definitions Added Today: 1136 Total Definitions: 43332201

I have moved your topic to the Report Comodo Forum / Web Site Issues board as a reminder to Comodo.

Thanks EricJH .

Any chance to solve this problem ?

Edit :

Problem Solved . Thanks