Offline Update of Antivirus-Database


is there a way to perform a complete installation of Comodo Internet Security + update of the antivirus database on a computer with no internet connection (i.e. fully offline)?

What I have done so far:

  1. Downloaded the Offline-Installer for Comodo Internet Security v12.2.2.8012 from here: (Link from this forum post: Comodo Forum).
  2. Successfully installed Comodo Internet Security on a Windows 10 computer.
  3. Followed the instructions to get an updated copy of the anti-malware database from here: Comodo Forum.
    3a. Downloaded file ‘bases.cav’ from here: => Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022.
    3b. As described in the instructions I rebooted the computer in safe-mode and copied ‘bases.cav’ into the ‘/scanners/’ subfolder.
    3c. Restarted the computer

Now the problem is that the Comodo program shows the status “Never Updated” for message “Last Update” in the Antivirus section. And if I execute the initial antivirus scan it tries to download signature updates, which fails due to missing internet connection, and then stops.

What I have tried further:
In the options under “General settings” > “Updates” I disabled “Check for program updates”, “Check for database updates”. I also enabled “Use full signature database”.
Changing these settings however did not help.

Some further remarks:

  • The option “General settings” > “Updates” > “Use full signature database” is not mentioned in the online help: Comodo Internet Security Software Updates, Download Software Updates | COMODO
    Shall this setting be rather switched on or off?
  • Activating the options “General settings” > “Updates” > “Use full signature database” was not easy: activating this option gives me a dialog that the program must be restarted with elevated privileges. If I click on ‘OK’ it closes the settings dialogue. Reopening the settings dialogue just gives the same message again. I had to login into the ‘Administrators’ account (with UAC control switched off) to successfully enable this option.

To sum it up: Comodo Internet Security seems to not recognize I manually copied a current anti-malware database into its folder and therefore refuses to work.
What can I do to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance


This may help;msg506843#msg506843

All you have to do was download the bases.cav and then use the import virus database function from the about page of CIS. In fact you completely missed that step from that topic you followed and copying the bases.cav file to the folder is not going to work and it gets stored into a different folder location, so those directions are outdated for current CIS version.

All you have to do was download the bases.cav and then use the import virus database function from the about page of CIS.

These steps were simple and effective! Thank you very much for your help.

Thanks for that. I was just about pulling my hair out!