Offline "Scan/Test Operation" option

I want to see an option to “Scan/Test Operation” when the novice happens upon an unknown file set and Comodo’s Cloud determines the file(s) are not recognized. In short, we need a more in-depth method of execution exam rather than navigating over to the sandbox and issuing a temporary set of instructions to perform our own testing…since there will be times when the Cloud is unable to determine the security of a given set of files, and we already have seen Comodo’s Cloud analyzers marking malware as safe (accidentally or not)…we need the option for Comodo to perform off-line operational examinations. Im not referring to the drag and drop viral scan found on the Comodo interface…perhaps the Comodo Secure Shopping VM emulator can be tweaked to assist CIS in this function.

Not sure what you want the CIS client to do. It cannot do the same tasks as the cloud because regular computers are not strong enough to do the number crunching required.

CIS has a behavior blocker which can also be used to monitor non sandboxed files for the security conscious users.

Hi EJ…can you point me to where the Behavior Blocker might be…my eyes are tired and everything seems to be running together. My guess was the AV or VS but I didn’t see if I had something similar to BB checked or not. Im running Comodo Prem v11

To be more precise I was referring to Viruscope.