Offline installer

Where is possible get the offline installer for install without Internet consummation?
Thank you.

I’M unable to find any working link.

The release topic provides it. It is this link: .

I just checked it and it worked for me in the Netherlands.

Hi, thank you but this is not the Firewall. I need just the offline setup of the firewall not CIS.

I see the topic has been moved from the Firewall section to CIS but my question is about the Firewall only.
Sorry to not have maybe included this info on my post.

Thank you.
Waiting for the offline installer of the Firewall

The link downloads version 7098 not 8012, please check.

I use FW only too. You have to choose to install FW only during CIS setup, there is no seperate FW offline version.

Thank you, works and installed Firewall version

My goodness, you are right.

I have double checked to see if there is a difference between using the http and https connection but that didn’t make a difference. When the release topic was posted the links were pointing to the http locations and I had edited the post to directly point to the https locations hence why I checked. Upon inspection I found that the file hash information of CFW online and CIS online installers were interchanged and fixed it.

I also noticed that the links to the offline installers are down at the moment when downloading from the Netherlands.

I have uploaded the offline installer to One Drive as a workaround and edited the start post of the release topic.

Thanks for checking it and providing a temp download spot.

I even did a check to see if downloading from IPv4 or IPv6 would make a difference and it didn’t.

I guess someone spilled some coffee on a keyboard that created these links. :wink:

It looks like somebody in Europe spilled that coffee coz the US does not seem to be effected. :smiley: