Office Word Wanted to Access Internet When Copy&Paste Something form Website?


My Microsoft Office Word wanted connecting to my DNS server when I was copying and paste something from website…
I heard that Word wants access internet might be malicious…
Should I allow it?..When I copy something from website and paste in Word?

Thanks very much in advance.
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DNS= Domain Name System. So meaning it is a www website. You copy and pasted something from a DNS, & Defense+ Alerted you :slight_smile:

This is completely normal behavior, You can allow this request.


Hi forcesorcery,

I think this pretty much depends on what you are copy and pasting.If just some simple text,from my experiments no internet access is required.If there is some graphics involved it seems Word needs to connect to the site which you are copying from.
The best compromise in my opinion is to have no application rule for Word and then if you are copy/pasting from a web site just answer the Firewall alert when asked but dont tick "remember my answer". Sorry i cant give you a more definative answer,maybe someone who does this a lot can explain the why`s and wherefores.


ps the alert was so Word could access your DNS(to get the IP of the website) to find the site it needed to copy the info from.

The method suggested by Matty_R is the best solution.

If CFP alerts you that Word wants to access the internet when you are copying something from a website, click ALLOW but turn off REMEMBER.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for helping.
I would try it next time.

Let us know how it goes… :wink:


Word won’t trying access internet when I only copy text.
Thanks very much for helping.
Best Regards.