Off topic comments split from 5.0.159634.1091 RC Bug Reports

OS:windows7 32bit
I installed CIS 5.0 *****1091 , sandboxie 3.46 cannot work , cannot load drive
please fix this bug !

Win7 x64, CSC, default profile. Every time I update MPC HC or Firefox, they get Sandoboxed. Why?! When I first set “Don’t isolate it again” I ment “Don’t isolate it again EVER”! I’m sick of seeing Sandbox alerts every day after update!

From a security perspective the program has been modified so it’s not sandboxing ‘the same thing’.Are they in your trusted list?

I have also asked about this and someone replied that updated and version changed of the previously allowed softwares will be sandboxed again. I faced this prob when already allowed adobe was updating and comodo sandboxed a file related to adobe and update failed.


I added them every single time after update. How can I be more specific I don’t want them to be sandboxed?

If you set ‘automatically trust files from trusted installers’ then they should not be sandboxed, assuming the firefox installer is digitally signed by Mozilla.

If they still are being sandboxed please say.

Also please use the correct bug report format. (First post in this topic)

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The problem of Acohol 120 and Daaemont tool. Cd rom driver can not work. Nothing does not work assignment to secure applications. I had to uninstall the CIS 5

Is there a typo in the virtualroot folder of the sandbox?

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But why don’t call it VirtualCISSndx for instance and not do an intentional typo?

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As far as I know, that option was removed and they are trusted by default. Still, CIS is saying “firefox.exe has been not recognized”.

No that’s a different option. This one is under sandbox settings. Obviously the installer needs to be code-signed by a trusted vendor, too.

If firefox.exe is getting sandboxed, and you are using default settings (inc the above), there’s something wrong.

You really must make a formal bug report in the format requested or I’m sorry but I will have to delete your posts (second warning). If you have and I have missed it, please say.

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I’m using default profile and only change I have made in D+ was enabling “Create rules for safe applications”. I didn’t even touch the rest settings.


there’s no bug, you have to add the digital signature of sandboxie into comodo then it works.
i had the same problem first, comodo blocked sandboxie.
once you fully allow sandboxie, it works fine.

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I’ve reported already several days ago that CIS did not disable Windows Firewall and Windows Defender.

I doubt they will change this, this has been requested from version 3 release and never showed up.

Great approach, really…

CIS is not the only firewall that can run side by side with Windows one.
Firewalls works a little bit different than antivirus (that will conflict).
I’m not an expert on it, but I’ve heard they could do a parallel job, i.e., each firewall on its own way.

Straight from the horse’s mouth.