OE Blocked by CAS [Solved]

I recently upgraded from my.att.net to att.yahoo.com. That required changing OE settings which caused a problem with CAS.

Using XP Home SP3 32 bit
Comodo Free
Just started after changing settings on OE to meet att.yahoo.com
I tried changing setting on CAS. Uninstalled/reinstalled CAS. Tried auto configure and manual configure. Different error. Manual configure will shutdown OE. Auto says problem with pop.att.yahoo.com. Doesn’t matter if this CAS is enable or disabled. If I remove email from CAS, OE works.
CAS v 2.6 error code 0x800ccc0F

Hi I would try the following:

  1. Export your whitelists to a .bwl file. Save it somewhere other than CAS directories
  2. Uninstall CAS saying yes when asked whether you want to delete all settings and whitelists
  3. REboot
  4. Check all directories (under Docs and settings as well as program files have gone)
  5. Backup registry and do a registry clean - Comodos tool works pretty well
  6. Reboot again & re-install CAS
  7. Inport settings automatically, answering ‘yes’ if CAS asks if it can correct any account settings.
  8. Check CAS whitelist for any duplicate email addresses, & any differing only by domain suffix (eg .net, .com). If you find them export to .bwl, edit and re-import. This iknown bug s a real risk bearing in mind domains you are changing from and to, and the check must be done AFTER reinstall, as install adds to whitelists.

If all this fails then there is something deeper going on, and I’d file a bug report with as mucch detail as possible - see guidelines - previous and versions of client and CAS, text of bug messages, any new email plugins etc - so everyone can help.

Best wishes


Thanks. I’ll try that and let you know if it works. I get error messages when I try to down loan system cleaner but I’ll work through that in my spare time.

Mouse1. I did as you suggested but didn’t expect it would work since I had tried uninstalling and installing. However, before reinstalling I rechecked the OE settings and lo and behold, ATT had done an upgrade and changed them. The install of CAS was normal and is presently running as it should.

Thanks for your help.

Good, glad you got it sorted anyway!