Odd malwaretips discussion thread...PLEASE READ.!

Any comments please on this ongoing thread over at malwaretips about comodo.
Notably post 17.



Yep…But isn’t that the past ?

“Littlebits, could you tell more about Comodo’s past” :o

edit: I’d like to add that many Adware vendors have been totally removed from TVL…

I have responded.

Things have really change from the past…just take a look on how strict whitelisting process is nowadays.

Littlebits like to speculate a lot… LOL! ;D

There is quite some rehashing of old issues that have also been discussed here extensively that you could look up and read to see the point of view of this community and Melih. I remember Melih having addressed Donna’s blog etc.

Other than that there is a very practical reason not to step into this because it is not the purpose of this forum to deal with publications on the web concerning. That in its self could be the job of a separate task force. This forum is already big enough to do our jobs… :wink: