Occasional Performance Problems Caused by Windows Updates

A long time ago, a windows update came out and on a machine with comodo installed on it, it would cause a black screen on login. With the microsoft surface 2 pro. There was no way to boot into safemode with it without the use of MSconfig. A problem comodo had with a windows update bricked my microsoft surface 2 pro.

The devs of comodo should set up LOTS of test machines with lots of different combinations of hardware and put them all into the windows insider program. This would allow them to stay on top of any issues that would be caused by windows updates that are about to come out.

This would be VERY desirable, because it would allow the devs to ensure compatibility with windows updates. A quick google search for reviews of comodo will eventually bring you to forums where lots of people complain about problems that comodo caused with certain software they use. Lots of computer techs in those forums that I’ve seen say that “comodo will always cause problems” Or they’ll talk about how they started having performance problems as soon as they wanted to update something.

I personally have had issues updating windows and I’ve also had performance issues as soon as windows updates were installed that didn’t go away until I uninstalled comodo.