Obtain certificate as individual

I am trying to obtain digital certificate to sign programs as individual, not as company. Actually I try to prolong expired certificate (get new one because there is no upgrade option), so one time I was validated. Now validation team asks me to be in yellow pages where I cannot be as individual, and they ask to update my data there, that I of course cannot do. Last emails from validation team is:

“You can get your certificate as individual. Phone number verification and callback verification is mandatory so please update your name, address and phone number in any of the following directories as follows:


“The validation policy has been revised. The CAB/Forum Baseline Requirements tell us that we must use a “Reliable Method of Communication to verify the authenticity of the Applicant Representative’s certificate request”. So Phone number verification and callback verification is mandatory.
we are sorry for the inconvenience we do understand your situation but we need to follow our company procedure.”

Listed sites provides links to other yellow pages lists that have only companies. Is there a way to obtain certificate as individual? I am ready to pass reasonable validation procedure, but in this case there is no way for me to be in these yellow pages directories.

Thank in advance,
Viatcheslav V. Vassiliev