Observations that may help users

My initial experiments suggest that Cloud appears to work better from:

  • Android
  • The web client

Than from the Windows client or Comodo Backup (which uses the Windows client I think). Though I know some have experienced problems with the web interface as well.

Currently I’m using it mostly in an Android VM

Hopefully this will help some people while issues are being looked at.

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[Correction: CB writes data via COS service not CCloud client]

The web client

I can’t upload any files via the web client. I Always get this error:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks Morphiusz, as I said some are experiencing problems there too, though less I think (subject to correction) than the Windows client.

Would you mind doing a bug report please using the format here. The devs are trying to get this sorted at present, for issue hopefully in next couple of months, so all input is timely.

We just did a server update this morning that should have significantly improved reliability and performance. Since post-deployment testing showed web site uploads working OK, we definitely want details about any errors you continue to see.

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Great news, will test. When did the update go through (time & zone)? FYI I am in the UK, so GMT

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Am I right in assuming this will only affect web client access. Same problems still (9-11pm GMT 04 August) appear to be occurring for CB and Windows client access?

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The update should affect both web and CB/CCloud clients.
Please collect the debug logs.


Thanks for the info Emmanuel.