nVidia GameStream not working with Comodo Firewall

I’m trying to use nVidia GameStream service to stream games and applications across my home network, but Comodo is having none of it. I can’t get it to work at all, and I’m reasonably certain I’ve configured it properly – initially, I let Comodo do its own setup and network discovery, and it found my home network and has two Global Rules, “Allow All Incoming” and “Allow All Outgoing” for targets on my LAN. GameStream was still getting blocked, though, so it must mean there’s an application rule taking precedence, but among all the default application rules, I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s causing the block. The firewall log tells me only that a request was blocked, but not which rule triggered the block.

Adding nvcontainer.exe and its many (many) ports doesn’t seem to have done any good, either. Nor has putting the firewall into training mode while attempting to connect.

Anyone got any advice on what to check? :frowning:

Can you show the blocked firewall event? Are you sure nvcontainer.exe is the process that handles GameStream and not a different application? If you are on Windows 10, did you turn off the Windows firewall from control panel (not the firewall service)?

I don’t have a screenshot or log file handy at the moment (at work), but you seem to be correct about nvcontainer – neither it nor any of the GeForce Experience executables seem to be to blame. (Oh, and also, yes, Windows Firewall is off – or rather, everything on it is whitelisted, 'cause it looks like the service is compelled to run by Windows Store (or maybe it’s Windows Update?))

I whitelisted all apps in Comodo (rather than just shutting off the firewall), confirming that something else is being blocked. If you connect to the machine’s IP over port 47989 on a browser, you’re supposed to get an XML dump of the GameStream server’s status, and this continues not to work (in addition to the streaming service itself) with nvcontainer. NVIDIA Share, and GeForce Experience all whitelisted, so… I have to dig deeper.