NVidia DLLs - Access Denied

Vista Home Premium; all current security updates
Comodo Firewall v.3.8.64739.471

After uninstalling this version of Comodo Firewall in Safe Mode and reinstalling because of problems with the recent update, Windows, at bootup, now says access is denied to

Thanks for your assistance.

So did you install in safe mode?

That’s funny, I don’t have those two .dll files. What OS do you have (Vista, XP, etc)?

Boot in safe mode again, and see if those files are in either of the two CIS sections specified in my attached screen shot (below). If so, remove them from the list and try to boot normally again.

[attachment deleted by admin]

No, unfortunately, those two NVidia DLLs don’t show up in either Comodo’s Protected Files or Blocked Files. And, no, I didn’t reinstall in Vista’s Safe Mode; just a Windows install with as many apps closed as possible.

I’ll try uninstalling again in Safe Mode and then, after a reboot, going back to Safe Mode to install. Until this recent update, I didn’t see these “access is denied” messages at bootup; however, the most recent update froze Comodo so hard only Vista’s System Restore got me back up and running. After the uninstall/reinstall things seemed normal—until a cold boot produced the two dll error messages.

Well, success apparently; a cold boot today had no dll access denied messages. Yesterday I

  1. Uninstalled Comodo firewall in Vista Safe Mode.
  2. Rebooted
  3. Ran CCleaner, Registry Booster2, Advanced WindowsCare V2, Revo’s Junk Files Cleaner and, finally, did a file search with a terrific little app called Everything and found left over Firewall folders here and there.
  4. Back to Vista Safe Mode to install V. 3.8.64739.471.

Maybe it was the Safe Mode perspective, maybe the cleanup, or maybe both cleared up the confusion.