Nvidia Access Manager (Active Armor) help!

Trying to disable Active armor because it causes various P2P programs to crash.

I’ve looked at several boards saying I can do:
Reinstall Windows - no
uninstall drivers, reinstall select few - not guaranteed to work, and leaves some w/ nonfunctional Ethernet devices.

So I’ve decides I’ll just disable and not remove it…
I’m suppose to have an nvidia Active armor icon on my system tray, but I don’t. The only nvidia icon I have is for display settings (cuz my 8800gt)

The Active Armor icon is suppose to be right-clicked → disable. Easy peasy, but I can’t find any sort of control panel at all for active armor…

help please and thank you!

You would be better off with COMODO Firewall Pro 3.

Uninstall it & Install this great Firewall! :slight_smile: