Numbers Appended to Remembered Email at Login

When my connection to the Comodo servers is broken (changed wireless networks, connection hiccup, etc.), CUnite will try to reconnect me with numbers added to the login.

i.e., email@service.com30496

What causes this? How can I remedy it? Is it a common issue?

try close comodo, run it again and see how it works.

there was no problems wat so ever with my cu.

btw … what these numbers are ? there was no numbers with my login. it might be numbers of attempts to log in, but i’m not so sure about it.



This happens EVERY TIME I run CUnite.

Also, the numbers are inserted into the username text field where the email address goes in order to login. I have to delete these numbers from the text field so that just my email remains before logging in, or it will hang at the “signing in” screen.

have you try to remove cunite with settings ? also make sure UAC is disabled ( if you usning vista-7 )

Alright, I found something out.

This page in the settings never keeps what I set. It always sets this:

set settings as you want it. click apply & ok. close cu ( from task bar too ). close cu service.

if u have win 7 ( or vista )

go to


go into settings dir

find dir with your user name, open it. find file named ‘AppSetting.ini’ and make sure this file is to read only ( right click on it, properties a,d choose read only. )

nor reboot pc and try it now.