Number of items in autocomplete dropdown lists


When I’m filling in a form on a website and press the down-arrow button on the keyboard a list displaying seven recently used values for that field. I’d like to know if there’s a setting I can change to make the number, for example 10, instead of 7?

I also have a similar request for the url-bar that only displays three suggestions while I’m typing. I would find it handy to increase that number too, so I can type a few letters and then move down the list with the arrow-key and press enter on the desired url.

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I was going to post a new wish about a setting to change the number of urls in the dropdown list of the url-bar. Then I found out that I already did two and a half years ago as part of another post. I guess I should have made separate posts back then? Anyway, has perhaps a setting already been added to alter the number of items without me noticing?
Now the dropdown list displays three urls and I find that very limited. Eight or ten would be more reasonable in my opinion. We all have different preferences, someone else might want twenty-five, so a setting would be nice, please.

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