NSIS Malware?

Whats NSIS Malware?

Whenever I test AV’s & upload malware at VT, I have observed that NSIS Malware i.e the detection name at VT, are mostly missed by Comodo.

What type of malware NSIS is?

Can you link some of the VT detection results?

I would imagine its malware (or not) compiled with the Nulsoft Scriptable Install System which is like the Install shield wizard, basically an installer for software. As its free it`s probably preferable to paying for similar software.

Dunno why it seems to miss them, i do know some AV companies nearly allways flag them and a lot are fp`s…



I am going to do a test in couple of days. Definitely I will post the VT links.

The problem is caused by Comodo Firewall, the most recent version of which was incorrectly packaged for distribution by means of the Nullsoft Installer - a “hacked” version of it, according to Nullsoft.

Like dave f said, NSIS is definitely an installer. Whether its infected or not, I don’t know

Upload the .exe file here and see what pops up