NSIS error

I installed Windows 8 Pro 32 bit on my older laptop and then installed CIS6. I accepted the install of Dragon along with it. Everything seemed fine except that every few hours I was getting a warning window about a NSIS error and something failing to install. I had no idea what was causing it until I tried to update Dragon from itself and got the same error and a failed update. I uninstalled Dragon which was v27 and downloaded and installed the latest version from the website. There are no more errors. I am now convinced that the problem stemmed from Dragon trying to auto-update and failing.

I get a rather consistent flurry of these error dialog popups which the research I annoyingly had to perform indicates are caused by a copy of the Nullsoft Installation System utility that’s been badly “customized” for packaging the distribution of Comodo Firewall v6.2.285401.2860. There is no fix offered by Nullsoft, except to repackage the software distribution properly - something which Comodo users cannot do, but which Comodo must do for them if the problem is to be addressed.