NSIS_Error Following stalled update

Hi !
I returned to my machine to find a prompt to update Dragon, set it going while using Dragon which didn’t restart or do anything noticable.
I finished that session, but when I went to start another was told my shortcut was invalid, and indeed - there was no dragon.exe in the /Program Files/Comodo/ folder.
I duly downloaded a new version from CNote but it won’t run, instead stalling out at an NSIS Error box…
I’ve tried several fresh downloads from there, deleted the /Comodo/ folder, etc -
Any advice ?

Thanks so much.

Version 27.2 has been suspended:

Try running the installer of 27.1 and let it repair the installation. Does that help? If not please post a screenshot of the error you are seeing.

Ah, thanks so much - that did gracefully repair the install to full working order, no loss of data or settings, excellent service, thanks Comodo.
I snagged my copy of 27.1 at Filehippo.com fwiw.

Thanks again for your comprehensive and speedy response.


When a program runs into problems and needs a fix I always try running the installer or uninstaller to see if it has a repair function. That sometimes makes life so much easier.

After installing Comodo Firewall, I too get a rather consistent flurry of these error dialog popups. The research I annoyingly had to perform indicates they are caused by a copy of the Nullsoft Installation System utility that’s been badly “customized” for packaging the distribution of Comodo Firewall v6.2.285401.2860. There is no fix offered by Nullsoft, except to repackage the software distribution properly - something which Comodo users cannot do, but which Comodo could do for them, as the only effective way of addressing the problem.

Do you get the alerts when the CIS installer is installing Comodo Dragon? With default settings the CIS installer will also install Dragon.

When the problem is with the installation of Dragon could you try my suggestion in the above?