NSA not just sucks but does, in fact, endanger whole mankind [Merged]

Since this has been moved, I guess some people were upset. Sorry if so.
So I shortened it a bit now. The NSA knows anyway. :wink:

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NSA ‘totalitarian,’ ex-staffer tells German parliament

German intelligence employee arrested on suspicion of spying for US on Bundestag NSA committee

DIE GEDANKEN SIND FREI? (not any longer, it seems.)

Kind regards, REBOL. 88)

Nothing is going to change at all unless the NSA is destroyed and shut down completely, Pete Ashdown from XMission told RT.

US Government Spied On German Parliamentary Investigation Into US Government Spying On Germans

Glenn Greenwald tweets: https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/485084055021826048
That’d be the ultimate irony: US Govt spied on German parliamentary investigation into US Govt spying on Germans</blockquote>

In the case presented in the article, I think they are right to have concerns.

I for one, am sick of hearing about the traitor Snowden. He is no hero.

Yes, they are protecting or at least attempting to protect us.

So I guess Bill Binney is a “traitor” as well in your opinion?
Did you watch the whole interview, btw?

I’ve read enough from you lately. You are bordering on Trolling.
Please focus your concerns elsewhere.
Thank you.

At last!

Thanks a lot, John

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So you’ve read enough from me lately. I do accept that. That might change from now on, John. Promised.
Well, so I am or was “bordering on trolling” in your opinion? Whils’t I’m not thinking that this assumption is true or even has been quite that way, I also do accept this your “Richterspruch” (maybe google for that word?)
But no, I won’t “focus my concerns elsewhere” (regarding the topic itself - see headline above for the topic), why should I? German news are already full to the brim with that. I shall be silenced? Ok, I won’t ever tell a word about that topic ever again here on this very forum. So, I do regard myself as “somewhat silenced” now. Is that ok with you? Or would you rather see me hanged? :frowning:

The mods team did not send me such a clear “cease and decist” (or should I rather call it “valediction” letter?) ever before.

But, since even you, SiberLynx (whom I must’ve misinterpreted as a “friend” in the past, sorry for/if having done so, really no harm intended) do seem to appreciate John’s humbly verbalized moral condemnation of ol’ REBOL me, who’s done nothing else than always been trying to take a firm and openly verbalized stand on COMODO’s side even in difficult times, I can only conclude some or maybe most of you do want me to leave this forum, thinking of me as nothing more than a vexation.

Sorry for having tried to be on the side of truth. :-[ At least that’s what I’ve always been honestly longing for. Yet, there seem to be different views on certain things existing, maybe. That’s not my fault, sorry. So it looks that alternate views on certain actualities are no longer welcome here at the board.

Just tell me to do so, John, and I promise to immediately unregister with this very forum.

I don’t want to be remembered as “the foremost interference factor” here at Comodo’s boards.
To be more exact, I don’t want to be remembered at all.

Kind regards, REBOL.


You have to admit that a lot of your topics started here, do contain quite a lot of matter involving the same subject.
The nature of these topics can appear to be a little obsessive, repetitive and tedious to some members (Nothing personal).

Please try to see other members view points and do not take the above comments personally, as I am sure they are not intended that way. :slight_smile:

We are all here mostly for our interest in Comodo and its products (Comodo Family). :wink:

Kind regards.

I’ve got no problem with “admitting that”. It’s an undeniable fact, and I still do regard this a necessary thing. Maybe call it “awareness” or something like that?
(well, “trolling” was not such a nice word towards me trying to help others to stay informed, I feel…)

Rather call it “paranoid” instead of “obsessive, repetitive and tedious”?
You know, “paranoia” mostly sets in when there’s a feeling of other paranoids going for the hunt after your personal life.
Regarding this aspect, the NSA certainly somewhat deserves to not only be called a “product having evolved out of paranoia”, but even acting in an “obsessive, repetitive and tedious” way in their deeds so far. Thus, ol’ REBOL me and the NSA may share some strange similarities at the surface. I hope it’s not total similarity, though. :wink:
And sorry to John Buchanan, I promised to shut up forever regarding all this, I know… Must’ve been a bad minute when I wrote this. I won’t really (you named it “trolling”, right?) shut up for as long as I’m not being silenced “by force”, be it “mod / admin” force, be it of other kinds of silencing, including certain secret service’s methods I don’t really wanna think about at the moment. Btw. here in Germany, torture and death sentencing are no more allowed, at least not officially. I guess some of the “States” might learn a bit from today’s Germany, indeed. Maybe “they” (whomever I might be addressing here…) secretly try to learn about Central European ethics / civilisation and are therefore spying on our weak leaders ironic? Wrong decision then, I guess. Our political leaders are not “that” intelligent either, as the world certainly already knows, not a new thing, by the way. Critical, intelligent thoughts are being suppressed even in not so few so called “democratic countries” nowadays.
It’s always been that way, just read some significant history books?

I didn’t take them too “personally”, Chiron, thanks for your words. I rather took them as mindless (sorry) affronts against the very right regarding free speech.

And that shall forevermore be that way. 88) :wink:
Yet, it’s high time to NOT close our eyes and mouths on what’s happening to our world these days. Because if we continue to do so, even the greatest firewall of them all won’t be enough to save our lives.

Kind regards, REBOL.

I don’t think the issue is that you’re talking about the NSA, but rather that you make many threads about the NSA rather than having one central thread, that’s just how I understand it but I may be wrong. It would from my point of view be nice if we had a general NSA thread where all things like this go, like we have with Opera etc.

Thanks for sharing your views / interpretation on this somewhat painful discussion, Sanya.

Well, if you’re right with your assumptions, I may have severely been misunderstanding what John Buchanan and SiberLynx were criticising regarding my postings on these affairs.
If so, I sincerely do apologize to John and SiberLynx.
Just hoping you’re right with your assumptions.
And yes, sounds like a good idea to put all those links I wanted to share into one single thread. Maybe one of the mods would be so nice to do that?

Thanks again, REBOL.