Now what?

I finally got this email certificate installed in Outlook 2007 and made some changes under the “Trust Center / Email Security” - now what?

Why do I need this and how do I get it to work. I sent a couple emails to some other email (Web based) accounts I have and the email messages look the same as before. Is there supposed to be something different and how do my recipients know my messages to them are digitally signed?

I am not supposed to know everything about everything, that is why I am asking about this - at least I am asking.


Unfortunately web based clients can’t understand S/MIME (encryption for email).
also, to send encrypted email you need the receipent’s digital certificate (that would be their public key which you use to encrypt the email for the receipient). So that only the recipient can decrypt it because only they have the matching private key. (you see, a key has two parts, one private key and one public one. you give the public key to everyone… so that everyone can decrypt data using that public key, but the only person who can decrypt it is you, cos only u have the matching private key.

try your experiements with email clients (like outlook, thunderbird etc) or google web based email has an smime module.



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