Now i'm really bugged..

okay so i installed CIS along with Avira and everytime CIS Antivirus updates Avira starts crying… It’s annoying because i know it’s a false positive on their part but it’s just every single minute (not literally) it annoys me…

Please help if you can to somehow tell it to ignore CIS

You should let Avira know about this FP.

how do i go about doing that?

Make an avira guard research exception for comodo files.

You can’t however expect avira to say comodo is safe, or the other way around: never shall a commercial editor advocate for its competitor, and even on a technical point of view, if you don’ t assume that each of the editors has hacked and reverse-engineered the other, they would have no other way to tell about safety then public rumor.

Let’s formulate the question in another manner: what is the software whose default settings allow scripting in your back and remote control of your registry?
The answer is windows, shoud it be trusted by whatever security editor? If it had to be, we would not need any third-party security software, and both Comodo and Avira would be out of business.

Now, i can understand running the firewall x and the antivirus y, i a myself running CIS3 and avira, and i can also understand running from some time to another an offline third-party dedicated malware tool, call it mbam, spybot, or whatever you want.

But there’s no point in running together 2 anti-virus, or 2 hips, it could lead you not to have a better security, but indeed a worst one, as you can’t ask two softwares to monitor the same files at the same time, and it could even crash you (i suspect a Microsoft Office crash yesterday, with no other issue then full formatting, to be due to concomitant agressive avira guard and defense+ settings).

if you wan’t to run Comodo and Avira together, the only real safe attitude is to only install Comodo firewall and defense+ (proactive mode) and to only install avira scan, excluding from guard the dedicated partition where your legit softwares are installed: if firewall and defense+ do their job,they shall deny access to these files.

So what your saying is to suspend one? You recommend i suspend Avira? or CIS? Because let’s not look at it as a favorism type of ordeal let’s look at it professionally, which one is better at detections?

Personally, I would leave CIS as On-Access, Avira as On-Demand. But ultimately, the decision is yours as to which one you prefer to use (as long as only one is On-Access).

The consensus from independent security sites says that Comodo is very good on the firewall side, but largely weaker on the antivirus side, where avira is itself said to be very good.

So what your saying is to suspend one? You recommend i suspend Avira?
No, I was saying disable avira guard UNTIL comodo completes the installation. Then put it back on

I had the same problem: avira guard warning a FP when comodo antivirus updates, and this many times, even when comodo is already installed completely.

Avira or Comodo should solve that problem, but this might take quite long time. So you have to chose between the 2 antivirus.

One solution is to disable all comodo’s automatic updates for it’s antivirus. So you keep avira working as usual, with its guard enabled, and you use comodo only with manuel updates and scans (disabling avira guard before updating comodo, and re-enable avira guard just after).