Novice question

Hi, sorry if this sounds daft, I have two xp home computers connected physically to a router. In the past I have had alerts, saying something like, another computer is trying to establish a connection, to which I block.I assume this is my other pc
My first question is, if a virus infected 1 pc , could it infect the other through the network
If so how do I set Comodo to stop the 2 pc’s from being allowed to communcate, or am i being paranoid ?
In my network zones I have 1 loopback zone and local area networks 1# 2# and 3#
Apologies for my ignorance

yes other computers can be infected through a network by a worm. A worn can spread from computer to computer. There is a way to change and set rules on the way each of the computers communicate with each other.

There is a post about this on what setting to use I will try and find it rather then typing it all out. Someone else might get to you before me though I am rather busy at the moment.