Notice regarding upgrade to ASG version 2.0

Hi All,

As you may have seen, we are in the process of migrating ASG 1.12 to the shiny new ASG 2.0.

Due the vast amounts of traffic ASG receives on a daily basis, and the migration process itself, the migration is taking a little longer than our tests indicated and so we need to ask you to bear with us a little longer please. We are pushing hard to get the new management UI available to you as soon as we possibly can.

We have regrettably been getting one or two reports of mail delivery failures and to that end we suggest ensuring that you have ‘Allow’ rules on your firewall for the IP addresses:-

If you are still experiencing issues please do not hesitate to contact us at

Our apologies for any inconvenience, we’ll get your ASG ship-shape a.s.a.p.

Kind regards,

Take your time with the portal, but please get the mail flow working again.

Have you added to you firewall’s Allow rules?

Still not getting mail. Any updates?


As per your support ticket - your mail should be flowing in by now. If not please advise.

Kind regards,