Notice on network attack or logging network attacks

Hello, I have one question for Comodo developer team. Comodo firewall is undoubtedly the best network personal firewall. But I miss one funkcionality. It is notice on network attack or logging network attacks. In log is only protocol and messange about block and other details, how IP address and more… There is no description about the kind of the network attack blocked by the IPS/IDS. For example Port scanning, DNS spoofing, ARP cache poisoning and more… Many competing products have this functionality. I miss it. Are you planning to add this feature in future? Thanks for reply.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums Mato ! :slight_smile:

I see this as a wish and I would appreciate if a mod cloud move it to the right sector.

Valentin N

CIS does log the activity but i think it will be nice idea to display alert if some port scan or worm like activity is blocked
Though this choice must be optional .I think this will improve the sense of security

Any change in this direction? Do COMODO developers plan to do something on this stuff?