Notice of discontinuation of development and support.

After a lengthy evaluation of internal priorities, developmental commitments and prevailing market conditions, Comodo has decided to discontinue development and support of Comodo Secure Email, Comodo Antispam and Comodo Verification Engine.

We would like to thank everybody, past and present, that helped to bring these inspired products to life - including developers, QA, beta-testers, end-users and forum members for their valued feedback. While it is never easy to make announcements of this kind, we would also like to stress that this decision will allow us greater freedom to focus on the development of the other new and exciting products in our portfolio.

Along with the recent launch of Comodo Unite, the next few months will see the release of Comodo Internet Security 2012, Comodo Endpoint Security Manager BE, Comodo AntiSpam Gateway, Comodo Backup 4.0, Comodo Faster Master and Comodo Online Storage. Comodo remains committed to our goal of bringing innovative, unique and cost-effective security software to market for all types of users. Community forums for the discontinued products will remain online indefinitely.

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You would better make HopSurf discontinued - few people on the whole internet are using it, it supports only IE right now.


We have to respect the decision by Comodo in order to abandon some developments; shift resources & concentrate on most important ones.

as an a side note: HopSurf was absolutely nothing to talk about in the 1st place :wink:

At the same time - VE was a good idea

Have a look at new strain of infection by Facebook. In popular - user will see fake Facebook page & even he/she will not proceed and getting ZBOT… there’s a good chance to be infected anyway

So at least a notification (red border) by VE probably could’ve been helpful

I would prefer some other products being dismissed , but not CVE

Anyway RIP CVE


great sad to hear the news about cse and cas but looking forward to the new software so far loving cis 5.4 i will be looking into v6 and v5.8

Good because I installed the Vengine and it ruined my Windows 7 instal. After install no mstter what I clicked on Windows Explorer (not IE) dtopped working and restarted. I could do nothing. The good news is I was able to run System Restore and restored to an earlier point.

Staying away from that one!

Hi devnulllore ,

Sure, if you’ve read this forum prior to installing CVE on win 7 you would know the issues & troubles & would’ve never attempt to install it

and currently - nobody has to “Staying away from that one!”, because that one is a goner

At the same time, what do you mean by “Good”?

There are many Comodo’s products being abandoned for whatever reasons …
There are few that should’ve never being developed in the 1st place (like AV / Sandbox / CTM… & so on…)

… but CVE in particular was a decent idea

Therefore, in this case it’s pure shame! rather than “good” :wink:

My regards