Notice of Comodo Cloud Antivirus discontinuation.

Hi Everyone,

Until now, Comodo offered two antivirus products Comodo Antivirus (CAV) and Comodo Cloud Antivirus (CCAV). To provide the best antivirus product we have taken the decision to discontinue Comodo Cloud Antivirus and focus efforts on the big brother, Comodo Antivirus.

Development, updates, support and maintenance of Comodo Cloud Antivirus is officially discontinued forthwith.

To continue receiving Comodo’s enterprise level antivirus protection all CCAV users should migrate to Comodo Antivirus as soon as possible.

Comodo Antivirus can be downloaded from the following webpage:

We thank you all for continuing to allow Comodo to provide your PC protection.

Comodo Internet Security Team.

Too bad, great product … was >:( >:( >:(

Unfortunately this is something that was coming since Umesh left Comodo.

I hope they at least keep the development of Umesh’s Uninstaller Tool for CIS.

Hasn’t been updated in over a year, knew it was abandoned, beta was released outside of the forum. ONE thing I would LOVE to see from CCAV to CIS and CAV is the right click upload and look up for files.

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good you can better prioritize CIS!

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Getting a not found.

Good decision imo.

I would advise to give CIS a simplified mode similar to CCAV to allow less tech savvy users a type of install and forget abillity. No fine-grain HIPS configs or custom sandbox rules (the choice of pre-designed rule options for each security layer may work).

Would love to design a proposal but don’t have the time atm.

I like that, CCAV had some great features that CIS and CAV didn’t have.

It’s far too late for this to be considered being-upfront about it, but better late than never.