nothings perfect...but i think theres one exception

i just sent out a message to all my contacts in my email list, im a computer techy and ive never heard of this program untill about an hour ago, installed, and couldt believe i had stumbled upon such an extremely well done program. heres what my message contained (minus personal stuff) i didnt edit anything so i wont be mad if i get in trouble for saying certain things, its a quot of a message :wink:

"hi all, i was doing some searching for a good firewall and came up with one. one damn good one. its free<–put a smile on my face too. very easy to navigae through the endless ammount of options, and works like a firewall SHOULD. if your a techy, this is the perfect firewall. if your not conserned about hackers dont install it. but if those random ip addresses keep catching your attention and then dissapearing, this is the start for you, if your good enough, you could even throw some **** back at them HAHAH! HACK THE HACKERS.<–theres a difference between good hackers and bad ones, bad ones should die, they only give you viruses and junk to steal your personal information, sorry bastards. sorry for my outburst, this program is awsome. and yeah this is “my real name”, not some random spam message. you can search the program C.O.M.O.D.O. online if your scared to open the attatchment… well, i hope this message didnt reach any childrens’ eyes, i was sure to send it to select people (for the language i mean, it adds to the effect if ya know what im saying, you read it in books all the time…) ok enough enough, just try it. its a w s o m e.

crap, i just tried to attatch it and it wont let me, just go to

even though its named comodo firewall pro, its free.

but comodo works with every packet that comes into your computer, as well as out. you know what a packet is but im gona learn you anyways, individual bits of data that that gradually build into a full file or executable once the download is done… the firewall is a barrier that only lets the trusted and known packets through, some are sneaky tho and sign themselves to look normal and slip past the firewall. but not many people try hacking you unless ur a quadrillionare or you pissed them off. plus the hacker needs a steady access line, a few bad packets wont hurt anything because they lack the rest of the packets that the firewall did happen to catch, thus connection terminated on the hackers end. the hackers dont really need to hack anymore, they just draw people to their advertisements like bugs to light. and then steal their personal information because YOU VOLUNTEERED IT OUT!! I could keep typing for a long time, informational overload.

i bet by now your probably convinced that this might be a descent program. your wrong, its an EXCELENT program, im practically bowing to this program, lord antihack.

well its been…fun tying, type ya latter."

it may sound like a pun in a few places but its not, just the facts of life. and im going to tell every single person that knows what a firewall is, i live in a smaller town so words spread slowly but eventually, and if ive never heard of this program im sure theres not many people here that know of it either, i pay attention to detail so i know. and i deffinantly know this program is perfect, you just might have a new group of people backing you up.

my dad owns a computer store, he’s down to earth and his customers bring their computers directly from other stores to him. stands behind his work and doesnt [ at ]#$% around. people hang out all day in the store its that great. ill have him post a download or a link to comodo on his website, and once i show him this program he’ll use it like crazy i know (already emailed him that message). we tell eachother of good programs and stuff, and i know he doesnt know of this one. its so impressive he’ll probably have the same reaction as me. im a member for ever here now.

its not much to look at but theres good programs on his site,

Nice. :slight_smile:

You’re definitely in the right place. ;D