Nothing listed under Trusted apps!?

Why is my “Trusted” list entirely empty even though CCAV did automatically allow certain apps to run? There is not a single app listed!

Same goes for Submitted files list. I very much doubt not a single app was sent to Comodo in all this time.

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Does the problem reproduce? Did you try clean installing CCAV or temporarily removing other security programs that run in the background alongside CCAV?

I’ve reinstalled it several times with same result. I’m not using any other security software (even Windows Defender is manually disabled since CCAV doesn’t disable it automatically).

I don’t think O&O ShutUp would affect this (gotta silence Win10 chirping data to the internet), would it? I don’t see any reason why it would.

I would not assume that changing the Windows 10 privacy settings would change how CCAV behaves.

How does the problem manifest? Will it first show files in the lists and will it lose them later or will it not show files in the lists at all?

They just never show up in the list. This list is always empty. Which is weird, help file says stuff Comodo decides to be safe is placed here as well. But it’s not.

After your posts, I realized that too. The lists always empty. If I add something, they can show up.
Maybe the wroking style of these lists are different. Users can add manually and CCAV doesn’t add anything on that lists. Because CCAV has a cache for trusted files. This cache refreshes itself every 10 days by default.

Let’s wait the next release fro CCAV. This one seems like a release candidate.

I think thats the way CCAV works. I never saw anything automatically added there.

But yes as yigido mentioned you can add manually & those appears there.


For CCAV,the Trusted application always is null if you don’t add some apps .Default trusted apps don’t auto add the list

Sooooo, how is Trusted Apps list any different compared to Sandbox Rules list where you set some app to lets say always run outside the sandbox? In the end they both achieve the same thing. Hm.

They do the same thing. In Sandbox Rules you have more options.

So, what’s the purpose of it? Wouldn’t just the panel with more options be enough instead of having two that essentially do the same thing (just that one has less options)?

It is not unusual for a program or OS to have multiple routes to do the same task. It gives the user choice how to operate. What do you mean with panel?