Nothing is DB Monitored

I have just installed CPM 1.2.188360.106 and all of my applications are listed as “not monitored”. I don’t expect anything to monitored until I install something new, but I would think that at least some of applications (Firefox and Thunderbird for example) would be DB monitored. Nothing is. Is this normal?

i just installed cpm on a friends computer and noticed that too
i think its because of this:

they were supposed to release a new version yesterday and they delayed it
the DB might be down for a bit for maintenance just a guess tho

Thanks! I’ll look at it again tomorrow to see if anything has been changed to DB monitored.

i dont think it will change until monday. comodo usually dont work weekends. thats why i wanted the release on friday but now we have to wait. lets wait for monday and see what happens or maybe alex will drop in and let us know something.