Nothing ever listed in Pending Files ("waiting for your review")

Since installing CIS v3.5 on my Vista machine, there has never been a single file listed under Pending Files. If I open the CIS interface, click on the Summary tab and look in the Proactive Defense section, it always says “0 file(s) are waiting for your review.” Always. Opening the Pending Files list also shows nothing.

This seems strange because in just the past few days, I’ve installed at least three applications (FreeMind, Songbird, and Winamp) and downloaded/installed a bunch of stuff through Windows Update. Yet it still says zero. If I were still using CFP, I would expect there to be 100 or more files in Pending Files by now.

Other info:

  • Vista Ultimate, normally running under Standard [limited] user account.
  • CIS 3.5.54375.427 (clean install).
  • Am not using the CIS Antivirus component (NOD32 instead).
  • Firewall and Defense+ are both in Safe Mode.
  • My XP machine, with the same version of CIS, has 188 files in Pending Files. (Firewall is in Safe Mode, but Defense+ is in Clean PC Mode.)

The fact that there is nothing ever listed in Pending Files makes me think it’s not working properly. Any ideas? Thanks.

Everything is functioning correctly :slight_smile:
You only get pending files while your in clean Pc mode.

Thanks for the reply, Kyle. Interesting. The Help file says this:

Once installed, Defense+ watches all file system activity on your computer. Every new executable file introduced to the computer, is first scanned against the Comodo certified safe files database. If they are not safe, they are added to the 'My Pending Files' for users to review and possibly submit to COMODO. Apart from new executables, any executables that are modified are also moved to the 'My Pending Files' area.

“My Pending Files” is specifically important while Defense+ is in ‘Clean PC Mode’. In Clean PC Mode, the files in ‘My Pending Files’ are NOT considered clean. For more information, please check ‘Clean PC Mode’ on the Defense+ settings page.

But in reality the first paragraph above applies only to Clean PC mode, and it’s not true for other modes? ???

No, It only applies for clean pc mode. Or in other modes you have to manually do this.

Thanks again, Kyle. Glad I posted here. :slight_smile: