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according to prevailing wisdom - i should install (v3?) in advanced mode, not basic. so, when was i supposed to see that during the install?

have i no-none-nada- access to a screen showing blocks and un-blocks like zonealarm had?

thanks folks! i searched and faqqed to a point - but these issues i think would be glaring at me from somewhere. i missed something?

Can you be more specific? What advanced mode? There is no Advanced mode when installing Comodo. You can install it with or without leak protection. Are you behind a router? If you want to look at your logs go to the Firewall tab and click firewall events.

i would have to track the links in my researching of best free firewalls (comodo, online armor, pc tool fw+, etc).

i will consider first question answered. thank-you.

used zonealarm for many years. beautiful - til recently.

i would go within program and see list of all programs/accesses i ever allowed or denied, …and could even change them from same screen. if i chose to delete one, it would then be detected and halted until i permitted or denied.

each detail had 4 separate possibilities to tick or not.

why shouldn’t i go back to an old version of zonealarm. (?) have the rules changed so much like antivirus and malware, etc, continually evolving?

I am sorry but I fail to see your problem. Zone Alarm is a joke of a firewall and provides no protection what so ever. Just go over to and see for yourself. If your using the free version of Zone Alarm then thats even worse. Can you please tell me your exact problem with Comodo.

let me go this way:

if i block mediaplayer from internet access,
then i change my mind,
…there is certainly an easy way to allow it access
after it was set to be denied.

…and/or to delete the entry and let it just be re-detected again.


consider that i just now fired comodo up - - a few minutes ago.

so simple that it’s not. eh?

hey, my watch is broken.

yes, masoutec was one of about 12 reliable sources.

the capability is in there. under advanced firewall tasks. i’ll get to it (the how) after a few intrusions …or some 3rd party application surf sessions.

i tried to send a picture to show to vettetech the zonealarms screen, …but it didn’t come over.

i will have no sunday fight - but if you don’t understand a posted question - why jump to the rescue like an expert anyway. if it was to be helpful - well then you are a saint! but actually you were slightly condescending at each step.

also, zonealarm didn’t rule the free world for a decade by being a joke. (even if it was sold off and became so.) those creators were …great! (and) a few genuine wizards swear by it still. i was willing to try masoutec’s suggestion.

i thank everyone who viewed the post (truly) but i am gone to report myself for being a ford person before vette flames on.

I still don’t under stand your problem. If you block something from accessing the internet then you need to change it its very easy. Go to the Firewall tab \Advanced\Network Security Policy and edit what you want. Takes about 5 seconds. Can you please explain your problem. Comodo 2.4 was even better then Zone Alarm. Zone Alarm free was one of the most popular firewalls out there cause it was very user friendly but it provide no protection. It was more like a flattering version of Windows firewall.

Hi clark kept.

Yes - Installing Advanced Mode (CFP 3 & Defense+) is Recommended, Because it provides Malware Prevention methods which are very powerful. Also, As Vettetech said you can edit program polices in the following:

Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy
Defense+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy

If you need any more help, Just let us know.


aw heck. reinforcements. (ha)

now i must truly apologize. 'cuz you kept your total cool, and stayed in to help - even if you didn’t understand me - again.

vettetech - that’s ‘exactly’ what i am talking about. the simple way it should be to remove or alter a setting made prior. (zone alarm was more obvious.)

3xist - you got it on both counts. i think one of the net reviewers simply mis-nomered the installation as ‘advanced’. (and) i had not yet discovered the steps …to alter the blocks-and-allowances manually.

to be honest, i was gonna uninstall, but i did a leak-testing, …and it passed with such stellar results i figured i should reconsider.

so, thanks a lot. i really mean it. and may the God of all gods …smile upon ya-s.

closed. solved. so let it be written, so let it be done.

No worries clark kent.

If you need this one re opened, PM any online mod.