Not working & feature requests


Thank you Comodo for trying to make e-mail encryption easy for everyone.

I tried to use CSE on two pcs:

  • a windows xp 32-bit with outlook express 6
  • a windows 7 32-bit with windows live mail (from live essentials 2011)
    Both operating run the default installation. No change in the settings of the OS.

Before installing Comodo, I have checked that e-mails could be sent out. Here is the working config:

I tried CSE version

Symptoms affect both xp with outlook express & Windows 7 with windows live mail. I don’t repeat myself. I have just tested from a new installation the process and it can be reproduced.

CSE installing…

Retrieving the certificate was very difficult. It worked after 12 or 15 times. Tested from IE and Firefox on both windows 7 and windows xp. See error message:

The ‘SeureEmail configuration’ wizard doesn’t give the possibility to use CSE in outlook integrated mode.
:-TD This contradicts the FAQ: along with Comodo Help
Therefore the following tests were performed in network mode.

Okay, CSE has just been installed. Without changing any settings, let me check the configurations.
See outlook:

What does Comodo show?

:-TD So, CSE changes the settings without intervention. CSE removed SSL and changed a port number.

Let me bring it back to ‘normal’. I change this in comodo:

And then, I choose ‘ok’, and validate with ‘ok’ again to close the SecureEmail window and confirm configuration. I go back to outlook and it shows:

CSE protocols now display:

This is a never-ending cycle when trying to correct it again by deleting the 466 non-ssl line.

To conclude, it was impossible to get CSE to work on both windows 7 and windows xp.

feature requests

According to the documentation, those features are missing:

4/ ability to export/import public keys to/from clipboard in text format. This would make CSE compatible with GnuPG. At the moment, it is only designed for Windows clients.

5/ generating keys locally so the private key is not obtained through the Internet.

Hope all this helps.


Edit on Monday 20 December 2010: corrected typos & added two details for clarity. The meaning is still unchanged.