Not to have to restart computer after applying update

What I’d like to see is not to have to restart computer on applying the update in order for the changes to come into effect.

Just about all program updates for security (or any other) applications (that are running in real-time on your PC, e.g. CIS) require a reboot to finish the install. Even Microsoft Updates require it. This is due to the fact that files that may need to be updated are in use, or remnants of the older version are still running in your memory, etc. A reboot ensures that everything is installed properly. Personally, I don’t see rebooting a PC for a program update that big of a deal, and I doubt it will happen with CIS, when almost every other program update on your PC requires it too.

Thanks for your very prompt response. :slight_smile: I’m aware of applications requiring reboots. It just would be nice not to have to do it. :wink: Who knows maybe in the near future we won’t have to. LOL :smiley:
I really like this forum. Thanks again! :-TU

It’s actually an inherent flaw of the Windows Operating System. It has nothing to do with if files are open or not as one can close the program. Unix-like Operating Systems do not require a reboot for every little thing like Windows. The extent of the reboots come from kernel updates. However, some kernels (with a little help) don’t even require a reboot anymore for Kernel Updates…

Some programs don’t require a reboot on Windows. Installing silly programs such browser, chat client, paint apps, email programs and other programs that don’t touch/hook the Windows kernel don’t and should not require a reboot EVER.

Windows 7 is getting better at what does and doesn’t need a reboot, but it’s no Unix-like Kernel.

Yes, I’m aware of that. Small programs like those listed wouldn’t need a reboot, but for example, I have never seen a firewall or AV install that didn’t require a reboot. I do know there are a couple that don’t require one though.

Another reason to use Linux I suppose. ;D