Not sure why I see this on comodo and not ie

ok I see aditional ads on web pages that I do nto see in IE… and I cannot show the pics cause i am not uploading them to a site only to be able to show them here…I thought this browser is great but now I have extra ads that I do not see on comado that I do not see with IE when I am on Second life and it sucks…they are on the left side… Yes Second life has ads on the top and the right of the page but not on the left as I am seeing addtionally in Comando…and it is over lapping the page so ruins browsing…and it is the same ad as the top is…

Hi and welcome Just Me46,
You can use the additional options function (Screenshot) during posting to attach screenshot files direct to the post.
This will help determine the cause of the ad issue.
I suspect this to be caused by the PrivDog extension, in which case I will move this topic to the appropriate section.
Which Comodo browser do you have ‘Dragon’ or ‘IceDragon’?

Thanks from Captainsticks.

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