Not recoginized by Windows Security Center.


I just downloaded and installed CAV, and noticed that Windows Security Center does not recognize CAV. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Currently the Windows Security Center does not recognize Comodo Antivirus as an Antivirus program. This was the same way with Comodo Personal Firewall and I expect that this will change in the future.


I figured as much. However, windows security center does recognize CPF, but I had to manually turn of the windows firewall.

Yes I noticed that to, maybe it will be fixed in the next update.

Bump. Can we sticky this thread or put it in a FAQ section? It would seem to me this is a “major” problem. Certainly bothered me when Windows Security Center didn’t detect it was there.


I went through this with AVG 7…AVG 8 is now seen…anyway…click on the Red Shield and choose ‘other options’ there you will find a box thats says something like…I have a solution & will monitor it myself…I just did this for Comodo last night & it works fine.

I made an FAQ here:


LOL. Almost identical to the one that was already there.

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LOL ideed, I did take a look but I actually missed that one! :-[ I’d better remove the new FAQ I made, it’s just confusing to have two. :slight_smile:


For Me my Securirty Center recongizes CFP

maybe it doesnt recognize CAV cause its Beta thats what i would assume