Not receiving mail from Comodo


I realized this morning that i am not receiving accepted emails from Comodo. It seem its been down for a few weeks now, issue seems to be on Comodo’s side need help to resolve this issue. Below are the steps i have gone through thoroughly;

-Confirmed i can send out OK
-Confirmed Messages were accepted a Comodo ASG (See attached)
-Confirmed and Validated destination route is OK (did a SMTP check form an external server)
-Confirmed no email in my Exchange Server’s queue



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At the risk of asking the obvious, did your SMTP check make sure that you can get through your router/firewall with the same port# as that setup at Comodo (for your domain)? And that a receive connector exists for that port?
I test such things from outside the firewall with telnet:
telnet mydomain’sdnsaddress port#
make sure that it is the same port number that is setup at Comodo. (then I set the firewall to block any such things not coming from Comodo’s IP’s :))
You might want to set up an ethereal session to make sure the packets are coming into the firewall.

Actually i did one better
{Added my external servers IP address to receive connector and incoming firewall. Using SendSMTP sent a mail directly into my environment on the same Port using the same receive connector, that worked}

That’s how i confirmed and Validated destination route is OK. That wasn’t the issue

I have all 3 Comodo IP addresses (,, on the Exchange receive connector and incoming firewall and it been working fine with no issues.

Its troubleshooting going over the obvious is how we figure out the mistakes :smiley:


Issue resolved, it turns out Comodo is now delivering email from Added that IP and mails started flowing.

Be careful, I was using, which resolved to 67. Stopped getting mail this morning when it came from 65. I just put the whole range in. I think they move things around on me because I am a pest (I am still lingering on Version 1). :smiley:

Hi hhazeley,

Sorry you ended up as collateral damage in the ongoing tussle with Lou…just flame-baited myself didn’t I :slight_smile:

As per the copious amount of spam I have been sending out:-
Please ensure that your MX records are pointing to & and that your firewall is allowing traffic to/from []

Should it be required, you can also add, & to any firewall/smarthost/hosted-mail/SPF rules as you see necessary.

Lou - “I think they move things around on me because I am a pest (I am still lingering on Version 1)”, stirring again? LOL

Have an even better day,