not reachable

I get this message when trying to deploy to a W2008R2 server - it has the Win F/W turned off.
Manage is turned on.

CESM Server is not reachable from the remote computer.
Please be sure that you are using correct DNS server on the remote computer

What am I doing wrong? ???

Do you use Active Directory?


This problem is because of ESM Server name resolving or Firewall which does not allow to connect from target computer to ESM Server.

Start manual installation on target Win 2008 server.
Try to ping name which will be shown in error message.
Tell the result.

My DNS is working fine. I can ping just fine. I have over 300 computers in the AD, and if DNS was the issue I would have a lot of unhappy people coming in my office.

Firewall is the most likely culpret. I thought I disabled it, but I’ll double check that.

Try to run Manual Agent installation on Windows 2008 and tell if it can be finished OK.

Agent installs ‘manually’ just fine on “ACAD9004”. But the CESM console does not see it as installed.

Are there any errors during manual Agent installation?