Not new to Comodo but new on the boards. Confession:

Since the days of Tiny Personal Firewall, I have searched and searched for something equivalent and ultimately return to using Comodo again and again. Now if I could just understand what I am doing with complete confidence I will be a giddy, die-hard Comodo fan. I ultimately return to Comodo as it is now. I have finally conceded in the acceptance that Comodo firewall is the best and has been, and I am now embarking on the quest of learning how to competently use it and be assured my mom-and-pop web development ambitions can continue (one day I hope to turn this hobby into a job…)

Oh, confession number 2: Your ISP does not typically offer this type of safety using their default dns servers. Have a look-see at the picture attached at how Comodo caught the bad guys even before Mr. Zuckerberg’s very own Facebook could catch it:

Comodo is my official safety suite and should be yours. By the way, thanks - I owe you a cold one!!

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Welcome to you Sandlapper. Roaming the Comodo forum is definately a good place to learn about all of Comodo products, I am sure I can speak for everyone here we hope you find the forum enjoyable and educational. Good luck with turning your hobby into a job and yes development is here to stay. Yes my protection is CIS v5 complete. Any questions you have on Comodo products I am sure someone will try their best to answer them for you.
Good luck and Kind regards.

As captainsticks said…you can learn alot here WELCOME!!!

some times i feel like you, i dont wan to stick in comodo cuz i am using it since it born, tries alternatives for my friends or virtual os.
but i always end installing comodo firewall, its enought security even without antivirus.

A couple of things that keep me returning (besides Comodo’s ‘1984’ Orwellian mind control) is having complete, fine-tooth control of all events as did Tiny Personal Firewall (pre-Kerios) back in the day. I know enough to know I don’t know enough to ensure someone’s web content is secure while in my hands. I unfortunately did not begin my web dev education, or lack thereof, in *nix but in MS…and am paying for it still. I find myself spending 80% of my efforts scrutinizing Wireshark captures, MS Sysinternals, registry entries, HijackThis logs, etc and STILL fail in the good fight.

I, for example, casually watched a pptp transaction to my server over port 80 with incoming traffic from one proxy and my server’s corresponding response of outgoing traffic to a totally different proxy web server…and my ignorance led me to create a trust rule to allow port 80 both directions. Turned out to be a key logger with elevated privileges higher than my own. I’m on XP home and to manage MS group/user policy MS said I had to upgrade to XP Pro. So…the evil-doers had more control and more functionality than I did on my own computer. [one snickers here at the irony]

To make a short story long, I have to thank Comodo for several things:

  1. Giving this poor, hapless web dev enthusiast the tools to fight the good fight for free. Sadly, there are many like me in the financial position that prohibits purchasing similar products and, by God, would gladly pay if they could!

  2. The tool sets that Comodo offers free rival even the highest priced suites that are available today even as I type this. [Wow and How here]

  3. Comodo’s support is simply outrageous! You even have Geek Buddy to do my homework for me!?! Once again, all free. For what it’s worth, some 10 years ago when I ventured into the help forums learning apache/php/mysql, I often received “RTFM” as my forum responses. Considering the extensive tool sets offered here for free, RTFM would without doubt be accepted and justified. Speaking of which, I am bellying up to my desk and am going to…RTFM =)

Ah!!! So you’re the ONE!!! :smiley:

Hello at all . Too I dont wan to stick 88) in comodo cuz I am using it since it born , tries alternatives for my friends or virtual OS . Kind regards

Stick with or stick in with what … ?/ or stick out for… ?
What that suppose to mean ( & many other posts of yours ???)
Did you ever RTFM? :smiley: