Not impressed so far

Why doesn’t Comodo remember what I tell it. When the little box comes up asking if I “Allow” or “Block” I check Block and I also check "remember my answer. But a couple of minutes later it asks me the same question. The real big problem with this is that it is asking about my Synaptics mouse helper. and it locks the mouse for a couple of minutes and wont’ even let me answer the question. I have went in and added it as a safe, but it still doesn’t listen.

Also, the main reason that I wanted the “Internet Security” is for the Google toolbar. I want to keep an older version, but the Google updater keeps installing the newer version. Again, I block it and in a few minutes it asks me again. Even with all of this the new toolbar keeps getting installled. I went in and added google updater as a “Block application” but it still installs the new toolbar.

As much as I like the Comodo software, I will not be able to continue using it as it is currently running.

Sometimes we may think Comodo is prompting twice to allow or block the same item, but if you read the prompts carefully you will see that they are not identical. Very often an application needs to connect using several of it’s components, or connect via a different protocol. Each of these will trigger a separate prompt from the Comodo firewall.

That might be…but that doesn’t explain why comodo lets a blcoked program run.