Not getting hips alerts

Hey foldks… Im pretty sure that i have this new install of CIS configured properly. (i can upload the config if anyone feels like checking me)

Initially I had a problem with autosandbox… and I couldnt figure out how to work around it, So i cut it off. Basically it was blocking one of my startup apps (desktopok) and it wasnt doing its jobs. I couldnt find anywhere to tell it the file was safe??? I also tried training mode and restarting the PC but that didnt work… so I just cut auto sandbox off… I would however, like to cut it back on so if anyone can help me with this issue that would be great.

also, by the the same token… I am currently showing 9 blocked intrusions. all from officeclicktorun.exe

this is a exe that should be allowed to run… but how to I get comodo to allow it? (basically same situation as above, just without the sandbox)


Change the file rating to trusted under file list File List, Internet Protection, Comodo Internet Security | COMODO