Not Getting any Replies, Why?

(:SAD) :frowning: I haven’t been getting any replies here to my recent posts>;msg890233#msg890233 &;msg890237#msg890237

Why am I not getting any replies? Do I have that bad of a reputation here that no one wants to help me because of the posts I made here many many years ago or is it something else? Please help me understand the reason. (:SAD) :frowning:

(Btw, I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this, so I thought I just post it here.)

With little information it can take minutes to days to figure out what might have happened.
An error is not always repeated on thousands of other machines.
Maybe this is the delay in answering it

This Forum is mainly a user based Forum, there is some Staff input of recent though.

One question is something that has happen for some time(center saying CIS not running), the other if no other users have the problem you have no replies.

Also Yes I know who you are but still replied to your query.