Not all programs, no new services, no available applications

Hey guys, I looked on the boards for this problem already but none seemed to have the same thing. The issue is that the firewall doesnt show up in Launch pad. I have the firewall and now the antivirus. What makes this even more interesting is that on the launchpad I have no new offers or services, and the tab in the middle about available applications doesnt show up at all. Other than this little issue you guys have great software.


I really don’t know what your problem is, but there is a quick solution… ;D Turn Launchpad off… :wink:
Your firewall and AV did work did’t they? If you really want to use Launchpad, there might be someone in staff or so, who knows a little more about this. Sorry that i couldn’t help… :frowning:

Well here is better news still…I didnt have to turn launchpad off, I just restarted my computer and it now works great just like it was supposed to, except that the firewall doesnt show up in the list of applicaitons I already have but that is not the end of the world…

Thanks again. (L)

I hope you can enjoy the programs without any more problems… ;D
Just post in the forum, if you have questions, and you will get help from someone.