Not again! Skype update!

Once again I seem to have a problem with Skype update it won’t load it and if it does it stops at the end and you can wait forever. I bet $100 it is something to do with CIS. I had this issue before but it’s back again. Any ideas? Thank you. All settings are in DEF mode. Win7 64bit.


It would be helpful if you could provide firewall events as well as d+ events in order to help you.

I had a look nothing! I mean nothing in both firewall and DEF+ events which can help you! I’m ??? now if it has anything to do with CIS at all unless firewall and DEF+ events hide something from me…

Skype uses standard HTTP ports for updates so, providing your firewall rules allow TCP out over ports 80 and 443 you should be ok. As far as D+ is concerned, it’s a trusted application so, unless your settings have changed, again, it should be working without intervention.

Ports 80 and 443 look okay. I was searching Skype forums well it looks like it’s Skype fault. I just updated my Skype now by uninstalling old ver and installing new ver. Solved. Thank you :slight_smile:

I have Win 7 FW & Avast Free AV with default settings & the same Skype update prob as you.

I think Skype has some update issue.

Thank you for sharing. Yes indeed Skype need to sort it out!

Skype now uses a service to update called Skype Updater (Updater.exe), but you can set it to Manual in the Services (services.msc) and it only run the Updater when Skype is launched, and close down when Skype is terminated.

Though after a Skype update, you may need to reset the service to Manual again.